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About Us

A history of tradition and quality

Founded in 1964, Calçados Rubra has tradition in manufacturing sandals and flip flops for male public.
Our products are made with the best materials to ensure all comfort, quality and durability that only those who have more than 50 years of expertise in this activity can provide. Throughout our trajectory we have always maintained the respect and commitment to our customers that’s why we celebrate more than half a century of history.


Linha Café Baixa is a small district in Três Coroas/RS which preserves the strong German colonization until today. It was there that Calçados Rubra grew and developed. Manufacturer of men’s sandals which has always maintained its quality as a trademark registered of the company. On January 19, 1961 the company Schmidt Brocker & Cia Ltda was founded. This company made bags and belts from 1961 to 1964. Then on April 16, 1964 Calçados Rubra Ltda was founded and started to produce sandals and flip flops in leather to male public. In the early years, the company was moved by water. The machines were moved by a watermill turbine, which

belonged to Herrmann family and generated energy for houses nearby. The first 10 years of the company worked exclusively through this mill.
The first sales were made to acquaintances from the city that negotiated other products and included a few copies in their portfolio. The name Rubra came from a curious story. The brother of one of the company’s partners participated in an exhibition of orchidophiles in which there was a red orchid. As they didn’t know the scientific name of the flower, they called rubra, and then has become the brand of the company.


From left to right: Elton, Sinara, Lauri and Silaine.